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Calvo-Roth broke barriers for women journalists
By  • 17 January 2019
On this week's show, a look at the life of a pioneering female journalist. Fortuna Calvo-Roth was born in 1934 to a Jewish family in Paris, but was raised in Lima, Peru. There she fell…
Gender quotas on the march
By  • 18 October 2018
Christine Blasey Ford was 100 percent certain Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. Kavanaugh was 100 percent certain he didn’t. But one figure that jumped out of Kavanaugh's recent U.S. Supreme Court…
Project Exile: Bangladeshi reporter makes new life in Sweden
By  • 11 January 2017
"I’m not the first or the last [Bangladeshi] journalist to be detained and tortured but I’m sort of the only one who spoke up." It was just after midnight on May 11, 2007 when a…
Rising nationalism in Europe
By  • 15 December 2016
Donald Trump’s victory in November’s election came as a shock to many in America’s political establishment. But across the Atlantic in Europe, his rise on an America-first, anti-immigrant, anti-globalization platform was less surprising. That’s because…
Capturing Europe's immigration tension on the streets
By  • 3 March 2016
Photographer covering Germany's far-right fears reprisals The wave of refugees and migrants reaching Europe has led to political upheaval across the continent. With more than 1 million people arriving last year from Syria, Afghanistan and…
Media crackdown in Ethiopia
By  • 16 April 2015
Ethiopia's parliamentary elections are set to be held May 24th, but there is little doubt the ruling party will win an overwhelming majority amidst a crackdown on independent media and political dissidents. This week on…
Documenting anti-Semitism on Europe's streets
By , • 13 March 2015
Three journalists conduct a novel experiment to gauge anti-Semitism After fatal shootings at a synagogue in Denmark and a kosher grocery store in France in the past two months, there is little doubt in Europe’s…
Syria releases Swedish journalist
By  • 24 February 2015
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime released a Swedish journalist held for six days after being arrested with a translator in near the country's northeastern border with Turkey. Joakim Medin, 30, a freelancer who has worked…
Project Exile: Ethiopian editor flees after arrest warning
By  • 7 December 2014
"We had to choose between staying in prison for the foreseeable future or leave the country." Mesfin Negash’s passion for what he describes as “critical and analytic” journalism was inspired by his studies in political…
Project Exile: Running from Sudan's al-Bashir
By  • 6 October 2014
[caption id="attachment_3565" align="alignleft" width="285"] Abdel Moneim Suleiman[/caption] I told them: “How? I’m writing in a local newspaper. How could I be a spy? To whom?” They started beating me again and again. Abdel Moneim Suleiman…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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