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South Africa's xenophobia problem
By  • 26 September 2019
South Africa's wealth and stability has drawn millions of migrants from elsewhere in Africa. Yet migration has tested the Rainbow Nation's unity and values. In recent weeks the country has been the scene of deadly…
Fixing Africa's booming cities
By  • 2 May 2019
Back in 1950, Kenya’s largest city Nairobi was a sleepy colonial town of about 100,000. But as tens of thousands of people from the country began to move to the city, the Kenyan capital surged.…
Project Exile: White Zimbabwean journalist grapples with post-Mugabe era
By  • 23 May 2018
[caption id="attachment_9526" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Interviews with journalists forced from their home countries for doing their job.[/caption] "The question is now, under the change of government, would I be welcome? I'm still being outspoken about what…
South Africa anti-corruption activist sees decline of ANC
By  • 17 November 2017
"It's not with pleasure that we view the decline and fragmentation of the ANC." David Lewis came of age under apartheid as an organizer and later a leader of one of South Africa's largest trade unions…
Zimbabwe, South Africa in transition
By  • 16 November 2017
Two figures have dominated the politics of southern Africa in recent years. One is Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe. The other is South Africa’s 75-year-old President Jacob Zuma. Now Mugabe is in military custody after…
Congo's retreat from democracy
By  • 31 August 2017
After more than 16 years in power, the Democratic Republic of Congo's President Joseph Kabila was to step down after his term expired in December. Instead his government has repeatedly postponed elections, spurring violence across…
The business of poaching
By  • 6 July 2017
Might your children or grandchildren someday live in a world without rhinoceroses or African elephants? The chances of that are probably higher than you might guess. There are just 350,000 elephants remaining on African savannas,…
Zimbabwe 'bond notes' stoke fears of hyperinflation's return
By  • 25 February 2017
After rebounding from one of the most spectacular episodes of hyperinflation in human history, Zimbabwe risks new economic turmoil as it issues a new “bond note” currency meant to stave off a shortage of dollars.…
Zimbabwe after Mugabe
By  • 23 February 2017
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe recently turned 93, making him the oldest non-royal head of state in the world. But in his 37 years in power, he's become a caricature of the corrupt African dictator. Once…
Zimbabwe journalist fights charges after poaching report
By  • 11 February 2017
"[We] were being hunted by very senior police officers mandated with protecting wildlife." After Zimbabwe's Sunday Mail published a 2015 report revealing the involvement of police and wildlife rangers in a poaching syndicate that poisoned 22 elephants…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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