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In Venice, tourist crowds generate livelihoods and annoyance
By  • 1 November 2019
"Coping with so many tourists makes everyday life more difficult" Deirdre Kelly, a British artist who’s lived in Venice for 15 years, is worried. She is one of many locals overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number…
Overtourism on the rise
By  • 1 November 2019
Global tourism is a booming industry. But in a growing number of places around the world, the surge in tourism is too much of a good thing. Venice, Italy has been depopulated as year-round residents…
Right to be forgotten highlights tensions between privacy, freedoms
By  • 21 October 2019
"What you have is a risk that people will rewrite history" What can you do if you Google your name, and the top search result is a news article about a fight between you and…
Murders of two European journalists highlight impunity risks
By  • 31 January 2019
When the Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed and dismembered by a Saudi hit squad in Turkey, the story generated international headlines for days. But in 2017 and 2018, according to the Committee to…
Populist rise forces rights activist to change views
By  • 29 September 2018
"I began to worry that we are just preaching to ourselves."  For human rights advocates in Europe, there's been much to lament in the continent's handling of migrants. In Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has…
Europe's border pushback
By  • 27 September 2018
Agreements with countries like Turkey, Sudan and Libya have helped the European Union dramatically cut the flow of migrants to the continent. But some of these partnerships have generated controversy amid concerns that the Libyan…
Europe's immigration quagmire
By  • 14 September 2017
Back in 2015, the immigration crisis in Europe was in headlines worldwide. Since then the numbers of people crossing the by sea to the continent has declined from more than 1 million annually to just 126,000 through…
Malaysia's 1MDB and Europe's migrants
By  • 2 June 2017
On this two-part edition of Global Journalist, a look at political corruption in Malaysia and a controversial new film about migration to Europe. In Malaysia, the country's politics have been in turmoil for two years…
Rising nationalism in Europe
By  • 15 December 2016
Donald Trump’s victory in November’s election came as a shock to many in America’s political establishment. But across the Atlantic in Europe, his rise on an America-first, anti-immigrant, anti-globalization platform was less surprising. That’s because…
British debate divorcing Europe
By  • 15 April 2016
Immigration, economy weigh on debate Should the British choose to leave the European Union after a June 23 referendum, the effects could be far-reaching. If the United Kingdom does vote to leave, the British government will have…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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