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Eritrea's opportunity
By  • 6 September 2018
The young nation of Eritrea is often referred to as the North Korea of Africa. The country has jailed thousands of political prisoners, eliminated the independent press and forces much of the population into indefinite…
Saudi Arabia's turbulent prince
By  • 9 August 2018
Just over a year ago, Saudi Arabia’s 82-year-old King Salman replaced his nephew as heir to the throne with his 32-year-old son Mohammad bin Salman. M.B.S., as he’s known, was already the country’s defense minister…
Nicaragua's standoff
By  • 3 August 2018
The situation in Nicaragua has taken a dark turn in recent months. President Daniel Ortega's growing authoritarian streak has led to months of protests against his rule - and a violent response from pro-government militias.…
Arab women's rights
By  • 12 July 2018
In late June, the first Saudi women to legally drive a car in the kingdom started their engines and took off down the road. The lifting of Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers was a…
Ethiopia's new hope
By  • 28 June 2018
The East African nation of Ethiopia has spent much of the last three decades as an authoritarian one-party state. Political opponents of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front were regularly jailed. Independent journalists could…
India's girl shortage [rebroadcast]
By  • 21 June 2018
In the next decade, India may pass China to become the world’s most populous country. But there’s something odd about India’s population. The country has tens of millions fewer women and girls than you’d expect.…
South Sudan's standoff
By  • 7 June 2018
When South Sudan became a country in 2011, there was a lot of optimism in a nation where people had endured decades of conflict to win independence from Sudan. But within three years, the country…
Project Exile: Uzbekistan continues ban on exiled journalist
By  • 30 May 2018
Hamid Ismailov was forced to flee Uzbekistan in 1992 for what the state dubbed "unacceptable democratic tendencies" Hamid Ismailov deserves an apology. Or at the very least, an explanation. It has been 26 years since…
Project Exile: White Zimbabwean journalist grapples with post-Mugabe era
By  • 23 May 2018
[caption id="attachment_9526" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Interviews with journalists forced from their home countries for doing their job.[/caption] "The question is now, under the change of government, would I be welcome? I'm still being outspoken about what…
Project Exile: After hunger strike, Egyptian journalist in Qatar fears return
By  • 21 May 2018
"I face probably a life sentence or maybe even worse. The idea of not being able to go back to your own just heartbreaking."  [caption id="attachment_9348" align="alignleft" width="240"] Abdullah Elshamy[/caption] For a time, journalist Abdullah…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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