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Capturing South Asia's child marriages
By  • 8 November 2018
"She was supposed to get married at 13 to a boy that she never met before." For many couples across the world, marriage is a romantic union between two people ready to embark on the…
Japan, U.S. face legacies of forced sterilization
By  • 25 October 2018
On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at eugenics laws and forcible sterilization in both Japan and the U.S. – two countries with a surprisingly recent legacy of sterilizing people against their will. In…
In Japan, coming to terms with dark history of eugenics
By  • 25 October 2018
In January, a Japanese woman in her sixties filed a lawsuit against the government seeking compensation of 11 million yen ($100,000) for being forcibly sterilized as a teenager under Japan's Eugenic Protection Law.  The suit,…
China's Uighurs face cultural assault
By  • 11 October 2018
Over the past year, China has vastly increased repression of the country’s Uighur minority. A Turkic group that practices Islam, the Uighurs have long faced restrictions from Beijing – but over the past year as many…
Impunity in Myanmar
By  • 4 October 2018
Just over a year ago Myanmar security forces were wrapping up a massive offensive against the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority. In a matter of weeks, more than 720,000 Rohingya were forced to flee to neighboring…
Justice for Myanmar's Rohingya still elusive, reporter says
By , • 4 October 2018
"They want justice, and that has never been provided for them." The wholesale flight of much of Myanmar's Rohingya minority since last year has triggered one of the largest refugee crises in Asia in decades.…
Populist rise forces rights activist to change views
By  • 29 September 2018
"I began to worry that we are just preaching to ourselves."  For human rights advocates in Europe, there's been much to lament in the continent's handling of migrants. In Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has…
Poland's declining democracy
By  • 20 September 2018
Poland was once a model democracy in eastern Europe. Yet since 2015 when the populist Law and Justice party (PiS) won both the presidency and lower house of parliament, there have been big changes. Law…
C.A.R. crisis stirred by diamonds, Russia
By  • 14 September 2018
The Central African Republic is one of the toughest places to live in the world. Since the start of a civil war in 2013, a total of 14 different warring militias now control parts of…
Central African journalist sees light for war-torn nation
By  • 13 September 2018
The data on the Central African Republic can be daunting. The country ranks dead last on the U.N.'s most recent Human Development Index, which assesses well-being by compiling data on health, income and education levels.…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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