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Climate change threatens global food supply
By  • 6 September 2019
The global food supply faces a new threat: climate change. Extreme weather like the massive floods that hit the Midwest during planting season and the severe drought in Somalia this year are becoming more and…
Australia's refugee 'islands of despair'
By  • 21 March 2019
Australia's continued detention of about 1,000 refugees and asylum-seekers on two remote Pacific islands has garnered international criticism as details emerge of alarming rates of attempted suicide and poor medical care. Yet many Australians see…
Island nations confront climate change
By  • 1 November 2018
About halfway between Hawaii and Australia is the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. In tourism photos, the place looks like a tropical paradise. But the country of about 100,000 people is facing a critical threat…
Gender quotas on the march
By  • 18 October 2018
Christine Blasey Ford was 100 percent certain Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. Kavanaugh was 100 percent certain he didn’t. But one figure that jumped out of Kavanaugh's recent U.S. Supreme Court…
Papua New Guinea struggles after quake [program]
By  • 3 May 2018
Two months after a major earthquake devastated parts of Papua New Guinea's highlands, one of the world's most remote and diverse nations is still struggling to cope. The quake left more than a half million…
Orphanage 'tourism' draws scrutiny
By  • 5 April 2018
To people in the U.S., an orphanage sounds like an outdated concept. Many of us only remember seeing them in movies like “Annie” Orphanages fell out of favor in the U.S. around World War II…
Aboriginal Australia in flux in 'Another Country'
By  • 14 July 2016
  Australia's aboriginal people have struggled to preserve their own culture and identity while adapting to the changes wrought by the modern world. It's this struggle that is the subject of "Another Country," a documentary…
Slave labor mars Thai seafood industry
By  • 28 April 2016
Thailand is the world's third-largest exporter of seafood, shipping shrimp, tuna and other fish to supermarket chains and pet food companies in the U.S. and Europe. But a series of investigations by the Associated Press…
New optimism on climate change
By  • 18 December 2015
The Paris agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has led to new hope that the worst effects of climate change may be avoided. On this edition of Global Journalist, our guests analyze the climate agreement…
Pope Francis and the media
By  • 2 April 2015
Just over two years since Pope Francis was elected to lead Catholics around the world, Global Journalist's Jason McLure sits down with three Catholic news agency journalists who have covered the Pontiff and examines his…
Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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