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After Irish yes, Italy eyes gay unions
By  • 11 June 2015
Lawmakers lag public opinion in country with no civil unions, same-sex marriage After Irish voters overwhelmingly approved same-sex marriage last month, the next battleground in Europe is clear: Italy. Seventeen years after the Netherlands legitimized…
Singapore teenager who criticized ex-president awaits verdict
By  • 11 May 2015
[caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignright" width="207"] Amos Yee arriving in court, April 17, 2015. (EPA/The Straits Times)[/caption] A Singaporean teenager who criticized the country's former premier in a profanity-laced online video entitled "Lee Kuan Yew is finally…
Slovenia drops 'state secrets' charge against reporter
By  • 20 April 2015
Slovenia has dropped charges against an investigative journalist who reported on links between members of a mainstream political party in the Balkan country and a European neo-Nazi group. Anuska Delic, a reporter for the country's…
Ethiopia's jailed journalists
To understand Ethiopia’s election next month, where the ruling party is likely to win an overwhelming majority in parliament, it’s important to understand what happened in Africa’s second-most populous country a decade ago. It’s 2005…
Turkey censors coverage of prosecutor's death
By  • 6 April 2015
Turkey has blocked access to social media sites Twitter and YouTube after users published online photos of Marxist militants aiming a gun at a hostage who was later killed in a shootout with police last…
Russia to close two news outlets in Crimea
By  • 23 March 2015
A Crimean news agency and a media company will be shut down on April 1 after being denied licenses to operate by Russia's communications regulator. The Crimean News Agency, also known as QHA, and the…
Yemen instability bolsters al-Qaida group
By , • 19 March 2015
Yemen's instability is an opportunity for Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula With continuing carnage in Syria and Iraq and a recent election in Israel, there’s one story that has been overshadowed from the Middle East:…
India tries to suppress rape documentary
By  • 9 March 2015
India's government is attempting to suppress the distribution of a documentary about a high-profile 2012 gang rape and murder jointly produced by the BBC and an Indian television network, arguing the video encourages sexual violence…
Turkey charges Dutch journalist for Kurdish reporting
By  • 10 February 2015
Prosecutors in Turkey have charged a Dutch journalist with charges of making propaganda for the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and are seeking to jail her for up to five years. Frederike Geerdink was indicted…
Singapore blogger convicted of 'contempt'
By  • 26 January 2015
A court in Singapore has convicted a prominent blogger and gay-rights activist of contempt of court over a 2013 article suggesting judges had manipulated the dates of a court challenge to a Singapore law banning…
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