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Drawing a response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks
By  • 12 January 2015
'We thought that the cartoonists that were most in danger were African cartoonists.' The slaying of five French cartoonists in attacks by Islamic extremists Jan. 7 triggered massive demonstrations in France. And it made free…
Disappearing languages get lifeline from technology
By  • 12 January 2015
Once seen as a threat, the Internet is now an aid for endangered tongues The spread of the Internet has accelerated the global use of English. And the march of English has come as UNESCO…
Al-Jazeera reporter killed in Syria
By , , • 15 December 2014
An al-Jazeera correspondent was killed in Syria while attempting to flee gunfire between rebels and government forces in the town of al Sheikh Maskin near the southern city of Daraa. Mahram al-Deeri, 31, had turned…
Project Exile: Central African reporter loses family, home after flight
By  • 10 December 2014
"Some of them destroyed my house and arrested my little brother because they wanted to get some information about me. Today, my brother still remains unaccounted for." At one time, Marciano Romaric Kenzo Chembo would…
American photojournalist killed in Yemen rescue mission
By , • 9 December 2014
An American journalist was killed in Yemen in a failed attempt by U.S. and Yemeni soldiers to free him from captors from the group al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Luke Somers, a 33-year-old freelancer born…
Syrian pro-Assad group hacks news sites
By  • 1 December 2014
Computer-savvy supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hacked the websites of a number of international news outlets Nov. 27. A group known as the Syrian Electronic Army tapped into the websites of international companies as…
Polish police arrest journalists covering election dispute
By  • 24 November 2014
Police in Poland have released two journalists detained while covering a demonstration at the headquarters of the State Election Commission in Warsaw. Jan Pawlicki of TV Republika and photojournalist Tomasz Gzell of the Polish Press…
In Australia, Aborigines win coastal lands after two decade fight
By  • 20 November 2014
Victory is another success for indigenous land claims for an impoverished minority. For Australia’s Aborigines, it was a notable win in a long effort to reclaim lost land. After a two- decade legal battle, a…
Timeline: Child trafficking and exploitation laws
By , • 31 October 2014
A growing number of laws have increased punishments on child sex trafficking around the world in the past two decades. Many have been prompted by key international treaties.   ​
Recovering from a childhood interrupted by trafficking
By  • 16 October 2014
"The first man that I was sold to in Atlantic City was for 200 dollars, and he said that I reminded him of his granddaughter." As a 14-year-old in New Jersey in 1992, Holly Austin…
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    Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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