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Visiting journalists attend Palm Sunday service
By , • 16 April 2014
Journalists visiting from Pakistan attended Palm Sunday services at the Missouri United Methodist Church on Sunday, April 13. The service prompted a discussion about the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity, as this was…
By  • 27 February 2014
[caption id="attachment_367" align="aligncenter" width="790"] Global Journalist staff stand in solidarity with Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt.[/caption]   Global Journalist stands in solidarity with the international community in a Global Day of Action asking for the…
Ukraine: Interactive timeline, storify project and map
TRACKING UKRAINE'S HISTORY Ukraine's history of independence is told through an interactive timeline put together by Global Journalist staff. From 1990 to the current conflicts in the country, the history of the nation is told…
Storify: Ukraine protests, as seen through new media
By , • 30 January 2014
Demonstrators have been gathering for more than two months in Kiev’s central Independence Square. As the once peaceful rally intensifies, new methods are evolving to cover the protest, from on the ground and beyond.  …
Reviving Investigative Journalism
By , , • 10 December 2013
Chuck Lewis, founder of The Center for Public Integrity, weighs in on the shortcomings and successes of investigative journalism. Lewis has built his career on watchdog journalism, or as he describes it, “investigating the bastards.”…
Storify: Charles Lewis: Missouri Honor Medal masterclass
By  • 10 December 2013
Charles Lewis, award-winning investigative journalist and founder of The Center for Public Integrity, spoke to a classroom of several hundred people in a presentation called "Investigating Power and the New Journalism Ecosystem." [View the story…
The Nicaragua canal dream
By  • 5 December 2013
Nicaragua is making small steps forward on its plan to construct a major canal that would run through the middle of the country, connecting the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea. On Dec. 1, the…
Female bloggers fight for freedom of speech
By  • 18 November 2013
In November 2009, Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez was walking to a march against violence in Havana when three men drove up in an unmarked black car and told her to get in. When she refused,…
Human rights groups condemn UK response to Snowden leaks
By  • 5 November 2013
In an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, 70 human rights groups from 40 different countries condemned the British government’s reaction to intelligence information leaked by Edward Snowden, saying the government is “eroding…
Controlling migration in Southern Europe
By  • 31 October 2013
Forced to abandon the war-torn city of Damascus after his home and business were bombed, Iyad Faroud Al Rousan picked up his family and fled Syria through Lebanon and Egypt, finally arriving in Libya, where…
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    Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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