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Jake Godin

Godin is an aspiring digital journalist and a senior at the University of Missouri's School of Journalism with an emphasis in convergence journalism and emerging media. He tries to pay as much attention to global news, technology, social media and travel as he possibly can (just one look at his TweetDeck setup would confirm that). Godin hopes to one day make a living sharing what he has learnt. Godin is a frequent karaoke'ier, gamer, motorcycle rider, coffee drinker, and aspiring expat.
Stories By Jake Godin
Journalism's new frontier: drones
By  • 27 May 2014
Drones aren't just a tool for militaries and intelligence agencies. Journalists around the globe have begun using unmanned aircraft to document floods, typhoons and other natural disasters. However privacy concerns have limited their use in…
Countries that depend on Russia's gas
By  • 8 May 2014
Below is an interactive map made that displays which countries depend on Russia's resources.  
Ruling against Tajik journalist upheld
By  • 6 May 2014
A court in Tajikistan has upheld a ruling against a local journalist who was sued by three people who alleged their reputation was harmed by an article in which she broadly criticized the country’s “intelligentsia”…
Equestrian school director sentenced in attack on Kazakh journalist
By  • 28 April 2014
The head of an equestrian school has been sentenced by a court in Kazakhstan to 14 years in jail for his role in organizing the attempted murder of a journalist in April 2012, according to…
Arrest of Greek journalist for libel draws criticism
By  • 16 April 2014
Press groups and the Greek government have criticized the arrest of a journalist after a libel complaint filed by a member of the country’s parliament. Despina Kontaraki of the newspaper Eleftheros Typos was arrested and…
Kazakh journalist flees country to avoid prosecution
By  • 3 April 2014
A Kazakh journalist has fled the Central Asian country for Ukraine after being accused of libel in connection with a story about government corruption she denies writing, according to a report by the Committee to…
Probe sought in police shooting of Saudi journalist
By  • 5 March 2014
Saudi Arabia should allow for an independent investigation of the circumstances surrounding the police shooting of a Saudi photographer last month, the advocacy group Reporters Without Borders said. Hussein Ali Madan Al-Faraj, known for documenting…
Russia and the ice-shining mountains: a brief history of the Caucasus
By  • 20 February 2014
The term Caucasus is said to originate from an ancient word meaning “ice-shining mountain” – an image familiar to any who have been watching the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. While the northern part of…
Ukraine: Interactive timeline, storify project and map
TRACKING UKRAINE'S HISTORY Ukraine's history of independence is told through an interactive timeline put together by Global Journalist staff. From 1990 to the current conflicts in the country, the history of the nation is told…
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    Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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