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Hungarian journalists build new site after controversy
By  • 11 May 2016
Mass resignations from one of Hungary's top news sites led to the creation of a new investigative outlet In 2014, Hungarian investigative journalist András Pethő wrote an exposé about a series of expensive overseas business trips…
Israel places Palestinian journalist in 'administrative detention'
By  • 3 May 2016
An Israeli military court has ordered a Palestinian journalist be held without trial for up to four months on suspicion of illegal activity as part a Palestinian Liberation Organization faction. Omar Nazzal, a member of…
Bosnia's European lifeline
By  • 22 April 2016
A serious effort by Brussels could help reform Bosnia's troubled politics, argues Columbia's Tanya Domi Bosnia-Herzegovina is among the poorest and most corrupt corners of Europe. The country made significant progress in rebuilding in the…
Newspaper latest casualty in Somaliland crackdown
By  • 5 April 2016
Somaliland's government has ordered the closure of a newspaper, part of a renewed effort to silence critics in an autonomous region of Somalia once hailed for its commitment to democracy and press freedom. The newspaper, Codka…
Somali journalists face threats from Islamists and government
By , • 12 February 2016
A leader of a Somali journalists' group speaks out on a country that has become a killing field for journalists. Somalia has been a failed state for more than 24-years, and the country's lengthy civil…
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    Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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