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Project Exile: After gunmen attack, journalist flees Pakistan
By  • 26 May 2015
"The official story is the Islamic extremists targeted me, but anything is possible in Pakistan." A love of writing led Raza Rumi to leave his secure, well-paying job at the Asian Development Bank and return…
Al-Jazeera journalist put on U.S. terror watch list
By  • 11 May 2015
The U.S. has classified an al-Jazeera journalist as a member of al-Qaida and has put him on a watch list for suspected terrorists. Al-Jazeera's Pakistan bureau chief, Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan, was singled out in a briefing conducted by the…
Libyan journalist slain in Benghazi
By , • 27 April 2015
A Libyan journalist who was covering fighting between Islamist militias and pro-government groups in the eastern city of Benghazi has been killed. Muftah al-Qatrani, 33, a producer for Libya's Al-Anwar television company was shot in…
Ethiopia's jailed journalists
To understand Ethiopia’s election next month, where the ruling party is likely to win an overwhelming majority in parliament, it’s important to understand what happened in Africa’s second-most populous country a decade ago. It’s 2005…
Moroccan journalist hit with adultery charge
By , • 7 April 2015
A Moroccan investigative journalist has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for adultery and starting a brothel in a case human rights groups say is an effort to intimidate the press. Hicham Mansouri, a…
Afghan police officer sentenced for photographer death
By  • 31 March 2015
A former commander in Afghanistan's police force convicted of murdering a German photojournalist last year has been reduced from the death penalty to 20 years in prison. The police officer Naquibullah, who uses only one…
Deported from Turkey for a tweet
By , , • 26 March 2015
This week on Global Journalist, guest host Joshua Kranzberg takes you around the world for a series of stories on the challenges of journalism in a rapidly changing world. *Mahir Zeynalov, an Azerbaijani columnist for…
Startup Rappler thrives in hyper-social Philippines
By  • 26 March 2015
A former CNN reporter's company succeeds despite press restrictions The Internet has disrupted the news business all over the world, allowing news organizations like Huffington Post that didn’t exist a decade ago to draw more…
Myanmar photographer released after three days in jail
By , • 3 March 2015
A photojournalist in Myanmar has been released from detention after spending three days in jail for posting a satirical message on Facebook making fun of the southeast Asian nation's president. Aung Nay Myo, 37, was…
Ukraine reporting draws criticism
By  • 2 March 2015
Russian, Ukrainian and Western media have all taken heat for reporting By Demetria Walls As Russian-backed rebels have advanced across eastern Ukraine, they’ve had a key ally who hasn’t fired a single-shot: Russian media. In…
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    Monitoring press freedom and international affairs from Mid-Missouri Public Radio and the Missouri School of Journalism.
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