All around the world, the local news organizations that report on municipal and regional governments are in decline. 

In the first installment of a special series with the Index on Censorship magazine, a look at news deserts in the U.S., silent zones in Mexico and a poll measuring the confidence of British journalists in their ability to hold the powerful to account. We’ll also get a closer view at what the disappearance of local journalists means for democracy and accountability in government.

Joining the program:

  • Rachael Jolley, editor, Index on Censorship, London
  • Jan Fox, contributing editor, Index on Censorship, Los Angeles
  • Stephen Woodman, contributing editor, Index on Censorship, Guadalajara



Assistant producers: Seth Bodine, Lara Cumming, Michelle Stoddart

Supervising producer: Edom Kassaye

Visual editor: Megan Smaltz