After more than 16 years in power, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila was to step down after his term expired in December.

Instead his government has repeatedly postponed elections, spurring violence across sub-Saharan Africa’s largest country and raising fears that Kabila may not intend to relinquish power peacefully. 

On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at rising tensions in a country still recovering from a horrific war. Also: an interview with the Congolese radio journalist who exposed the use of mass rape and sexual violence during Congo’s civil war. 


Joining the program:

  • Chouchou Namegabe, a radio journalist and co-founder of the South Kivu Women’s Media Association.
  • Richard Moncrieff, project director for central Africa at International Crisis Group.
  • Jenai Cox, Africa senior program manager at Freedom House
  • Séverine Auteserre, a political science professor at Columbia University’s Barnard College and author of the books “Peaceland” and “The Trouble With the Congo.”