Visiting journalists attend Palm Sunday service


Journalists visiting from Pakistan attended Palm Sunday services at the Missouri United Methodist Church on Sunday, April 13. The service prompted a discussion about the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity, as this was many of the journalists first time at a Christian service.


Pakistani journalists stand with pastors Amy Gearhart and Larry Williams after their first Christian church service on Palm Sunday, April 13.


Churchgoers listen to the choir at the Missouri United Methodist Church on Palm Sunday.


Churchgoers were handed palms and programs as they entered the service Sunday.


Senior Pastor Amy Gearhart gives a sermon to a full Palm Sunday service


Pakistani journalists Asad Ali and Mahwish Qayyum mingle with other members of the congregation after the service.


Ashfak Azar presents a Pakistani tapestry to Pastor Amy Gearhart, saying we are all a community despite labels.

Pastor Larry Williams discusses the roots and customs of the Methodist sect of Christianity, sparking a dialogue of the similarities between Islam and Christianity.