A Yemeni watchdog group that champions media rights and free speech has declared that press freedom in Yemen is at an all-time low following recent assassination attempts, harassment and government persecution of journalists.

The Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Rights and Development, founded by Yemeni journalist Khaled al-Hammadi, has documented and criticized violations against journalists since the group was founded in 2012.

The media rights group found that 108 journalists have had wrongful violations put against them so far in 2013, including being subject to assault and confiscation of materials, the Yemen Times reported. Approximately 34 court cases have also been filed against journalists in Yemen this year.

In one example of the recent uptick in violence, journalists from Al-Jazeera were beaten by an unruly mob of anti-government protestors in the City of Aden on April 29, Committee to Protect Journalists reported. A correspondent for Sky News was also threatened by protestors brandishing knives.

Representatives from the Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Rights and Development told the Yemen Times that government officials seem uninterested in tracking down or prosecuting any assailants.

By Ben Nadler.