Two television journalists in Bangladesh were stabbed to death in their bedroom in the capital city of Dhaka on Feb 11.

Motivation for the killings was not known.

Sagar Sarwar, news editor of Maasranga TV, and his wife Meherun Runi, senior reporter of a ATN Bangla, were murdered sometime between 2 and 5 a.m., The Daily Star reported. Sarwar was stabbed 28 times and Runi five.

“It was a brutal killing,” deputy police chief Imam Hossain said in an article by AFP. He said Sarwar’s hands and legs had been tied.

The police chief has launched an investigation into the case. It was not clear whether the killings were related to the journalists’ work, the Wall Street Journal reported. Both journalists worked for privately owned television stations.

The couple’s young son was in another room when the crime took place. No valuable items in the house appeared to be missing.