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Cracking the Hermit Kingdom: Covering North Korea from Within

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6:30pm - 7:00 pm, July 19, 2012

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In June, Global Journalist producer and MU graduate student David Cawthon traveled to Seoul where media professionals gave a glimpse of it’s like to report within the shrouded borders of North Korea. He joined Global Journalist to discuss what journalists revealed about one of the world’s most secretive nations.

Guests on the panel appearing from left to right:

Joo Seong-ha
North Korea and International Affairs Reporter, Donga Ilbo; Blogger, North Korea Real Talk; (Defected from North Korea in 2002), Seoul, South Korea

Christopher Green
Manager for International Affairs, DailyNK, Seoul, South Korea

Jean Lee
Pyongyang and Korea Bureau Chief, The Associated Press, Seoul, South Korea

Mike Chinoy
Senior Fellow, U.S.-China Institute, Former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief, Arcadia, California, USA

The Unedited Hour-Long Discussion:

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