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Dangers intensify for citizen journalists

State forces continue to kill locals brave enough to report on troubles in Syria. Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho, a citizen photojournalist from the northwestern town of Idlib, and at least three other citizen journalists have been killed in the country in the past two weeks, press freedom organizations report.

Kabbisho was executed after being detained and interrogated. Syrian forces ran him over with a tank, according to the International Press Institutehttp and the Doha Centre for Media Freedom.

Another, Alaa Al-Din Hassan Al-Douri, was arrested, tortured and killed by Syrian forces, according to the centre.

Other citizen journalists killed include Ahmed Abdallah Fakhriyeh and Samir Shalab Al-Sham Abu Mohamed. Another, Mohamed Al-Hariri, was arrested, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Reporters Without Borders said information about the killings was difficult to verify.

The killing continues amidst a ceasefire that went into effect this month but has proved dubious.

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