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Exiled Journalists Continue their Work

Reporters Without Borders report marks 11th annual World Refugee Day

“Your instinct tells you when you have to leave. You very rarely get ‘formal’ threats you can react to. I knew it was time for me to leave. My instinct told me I had pushed my luck far enough over the previous 18 months.” –Sri Lankan journalist Bashana Abeywardane, now living in Germany

As activists, advocates and service providers around the world marked the tenth annual World Refugee Day, Reporters Without Borders seized the opportunity to draw attention to the plight of exiled journalists — reporters compelled to leave their countries by threats of violence, imprisonment and even death.

Despite their forced exile, several of these reporters remain committed to telling the very stories that have caused them to flee their homes, refusing to be silenced by those in power. Among them is

“I know I’m in the right about the attacks on media freedom in my country and I cannot keep silent.” –Azerbaijani journalist Fexreddin Hacibeyli, now living in Germany.

In a new report, “Forced to flee but not silenced – Exile media fight on,” Reporters without Borders highlights the work of some of those exiled reporters monitoring and raising awareness about the conditions in their home countries, as well as the work of the organization to support those efforts. Reporters Without Borders has provided assistance to over 150 journalists since the start of 2011 in the name of press freedom. For the full report, visit RWB’s website.

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