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Journalists face violence in Yemen

Journalists in Yemen have faced attacks and harassment as they cover continuing demonstrations in the country.

Associated Press photographer Hassan Wataf was attacked with a jambiya – a traditional Yemeni sword – and his video camera was take while he covered student protests in the capital on Feb. 16, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Reporters Without Borders summarized several recent attacks on journalists:

  • A soldier rescued Al-Arabiya cameraman Abdullah Abdul Al-Qoua Al-Soufi as government supporters were beating him.
  • A dozen protesters in Sanaa attacked European Pressphoto Agency photographer Yahya Arhab on Feb. 17.
  • A reporter for the opposition newspaper Al-Wahdawi, Abel Abdel Mughni, was beaten, and his camera was stolen.
  • Al-Jazeera cameraman Samir Nimri and AFP photographer Ahmad Ghrasi were attacked, and their cameras were broken.
  • Ammar Awad, a Reuters stringer, was beaten in Sanaa.

The Committee to Protect Journalists reported additional information:

  • Al-Arabiya bureau chief Hamoud Munser was attacked on Feb. 18, according to local journalists.
  • Iranian station Al-Aalam correspondent Awsan al-Qaatabi was beaten along with Qatar cameraman Yaser al-Maamari.
  • Wadah al-Yemen Abdel Qader, a reporter with Hadith Al-Madina, was detained on Feb. 18, in central Yemen.
  • The Guardian’s correspondent, Tom Finn, was attacked in Sanaa by a group of men who tried to take his camera.

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